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What Their Conflict Style Reveals About Them


You can learn a lot about your partner by looking at how they act when you’re arguing. A person’s conflict style can reveal a lot about their personality and their feelings towards you:


·        They initiate arguments. If they have no qualms about confronting you or instigating arguments it’s a sign that they have an aggressive personality. They don’t like letting things go by the wayside and want to deal with conflict head on. This also shows that they care about your relationship – they don’t want to just let disagreements go, and they’d rather deal with them instead of letting hostility fester.

·        They’re explosive. If they yell, burst into tears or act in any other emotionally explosive way, they are a passionate person. They care deeply about the relationship and have invested a lot of their emotions in it. They care about what you do and think, and take it personally when you’re upset about something.

·        They shut down. If they storm off or shut down communication it means that they have difficulty dealing with stress and conflict. They would rather avoid it, which is why they try to leave. They care a lot about you and what you think, and want to avoid any situation or argument that reflects badly on them or casts a negative light on the relationship.

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Man, some of these are bullshit.




Ah yes I can feel the equality.

The Gentlemen clothing is actually much more strict.

Slacks and a buttoned Dress Shirt at all times
let see what this covers.

  • -Pants must go pass your fingertips, way pass.
  • -No visible knees.
  • -No visible Ankles.
  • - Buttoned Dress shirt: no unbuttoned shirts
  • -No shoulder
  • -No arms
  • -No back
  • -No midriff
  • -No lower neck
  • -There must be 20+ inches of cloth covering your midriff, completely inclosing it at all times.
  • -Remember, no unbuttoning no matter how warm it gets.
  • -see-though dress shirts or dress pants do not exist.

So yes, the rules are very strict for girl. Because they have more options.
Males are literally not allowed to show skin that is not their face, and hands.

is the world sexist against women? yes.
is this particular situation sexist? no.

nailed it. 

As someone who wears a suit almost every day… Men have creative ways to express themselves in their clothing. Through ties and shirts and colors. Whereas women could wear dresses, pant-suits and skirts and all that too work. Men are much more limited when it comes to dress clothes, sadly. On the other hand we can just throw a sports coat over anything collared and a nice pair of jeans and we look “business *casual*” (emphasize casual).

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